Welcome to the Autism Society of the Keys (ASK). We are a non-profit  
 organization whose goal is to help families affected by autism. Autism is  
 the greatest health epidemic in the world today, there are approximately  
 136 new diagnoses every day, that's one every 11 minutes!...that's more
 than diabetes,leukemia,down syndrome,and aids combined!!! However,  
 most parents know little or nothing about autism. That's why one of our 
 goals is to help provide answers and get parents to educate themselves.  

   We also want to form support through connecting you with other parents who actually understand what you're going through. Too many parents feel like there's no where to turn, you've been devastated by the news that "you're child has autism, we don't know how they get it, and there's no cure or proven treatment for it." We are here to tell you that these things are just not true! Don't give up, there is help, there are things you can do, you can help your child improve and live a happier and more fulfilling life. We are here to give you hope and to tell you to have faith. There are thousands of children out there that are living proof. They are recovering, getting into main-stream school, losing the diagnosis of autism all together! There is hope, don't give up, we're all in this together.

    April is Autism 
 Awareness Month
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