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Autism Society of the Keys

We are a non-profit organization whose goal is to help families affected by Autism.  Autism is the greatest health epidemic in the world today, there are approximately 136 new diagnoses every day, that's one every 11 minutes!  That is more than Diabetes, Leukemia, Down  Syndrome and AIDS combined! 


Most parents know little or nothing about Autism. That's why one of our 

 goals is to help provide answers and get parents to educate themselves.  

ASK will hold local seminars on Autism Awareness, Environmental Toxins, Vaccines, Biomedical Treatments, Therapies, Current Events, etc.

ASK will provide information on the latest resources: books, DVDs, conference information, news, etc.

ASK will hold informal meetings where local families can meet and discuss therapies, treatments, doctors, topics that they want to share.

ASK will apply for grants, have fundraisers and on-line donations to raise money to help families pay for treatments, therapies, etc.

For the most up to date information about
the Autism Society of the Keys, check out our
Facebook page.  It is regularly updated.
If you have questions, reach out below.
We look forward to assisting!
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